Thursday, December 10, 2009


by Robin Parrish

First I’d like to thank Bethany House publishers for providing this book for me to review. I would never have read or even heard about this book otherwise.

Offworld falls into the genre of science fiction, which typically isn’t a genre that I fancy. This book, however, is extremely well written. A crew of astronauts that are on a mission to Mars return to Earth to find that every living thing has vanished! We follow the crew as they try to figure out what has happened. Each chapter has a new twist and I found this book hard to put down. As with many books, there were some predictable parts, but not so many that you know the ending before you get there. The imagery in the book is phenomenal. Robin Parrish describes the scenes in such a way that you feel as though you’re standing right there with the crew. I’d highly recommend this book to any sci-fi fan, but also to anyone looking to break into the sci-fi genre. Happy reading!