Monday, July 19, 2010

Picture Me Cooking


There is a great new recipe book out called Picture Me Cooking. This book is VERY child friendly and is a great way to make memories with your kids. There are many colorful photos of the foods that are created and this makes the cooking experience (or even the decision making process of: Which recipe should we make?) much more enjoyable. You can find out a lot more about this book and it's Authors at their website:

You can also enter to win 2 copies of this book (one for you and one to pass on to a friend) HERE.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Homeschooling for the Rest of Us


by Sonya Haskins

Read the Back:
Wonder How Others Do It All?
Not Sure You're Cut Out for Homeschooling?

It's time to break a myth: Homeschooling families aren't perfect. In fact, real-life families like yours can be -- and are -- successful homeschoolers! That's the life message of Sonya Haskins, who is dedicated to helping everyday families meet the challenges of home education and enjoy its countless benefits.

In this practical, encouraging guide, Haskins shares tried and true ideas for how to:
- Discover a realistic vision of homeschooling for your family
- Help your child get excited about learning
- Find a routine that fits your goals and lifestyle
- Nurture a biblical worldview in your child's heart and mind
- And much more

Whether you are already homeschooling or just considering it, this book offers the support, answers, and flexible strategies to help you succeed.

My Thoughts:

If you are considering homeschooling but you aren't quite sure what it entails, then this is the book for you! I knew nothing about homeschooling other than the fact that I was interested in doing it and I had several friends that were doing it too. This book takes a look at the joys and challenges associated with homeschooling. It tackles topics such as socialization, budgeting, routines and schedules, and dealing with relatives. This book gave me a different perspective on things so that I can better decide whether homeschooling is for me or not. This book gives several examples of schedule styles and even includes a chart that will help you compare the differences between homeschooling, private schooling, and public schooling. When you read books on certain topics you tend to see a bias towards one side or another. I didn't find that with this book. It really took a neutral stance and mentioned several times that homeschooling isn't for everyone. While it didn't give me a clear yes or no for homeschooling, it certainly gave me a lot more to think through and consider before embarking on the homeschooling adventure.

This review was made possible because I received a copy of "Homeschooling for the Rest of Us" from Bethany House - a division of Baker Publishing Group.