Friday, September 14, 2012

Spider Girl Costume - Halloween is just around the Corner!


Our Little Nerdling :D
Being that she's the spawn of two nerdy ( nerdy and one nerdy by proxy) parents, my daughter is simply enamoured by anything relating to super heroes.  While the hubster and I haven't yet seen The Amazing Spider-Man the movie, we still have seen the other movies and have several children's books featuring spiderman.  When given the opportunity to review a costume for my daughter, she decided that she wanted spider girl.  Go figure.  I didn't even know such a character existed!  We ordered her costume and it arrived in about 7-10 business days which is really reasonable.

My daughter is 4 yrs. old and so we ordered the costume in a size 4-6x figuring we'd be fine for fit.  The dress/main costume part fits her well, however, the mask is a different story.  The mask has an elastic band with velcro on one end that loops around the back of the child's head from one side and "velcros" to the other side.

The quality of the mask is great and it's put together well, but the elastic band is far to short for my daughter's head and results in a smooshed face LOL.  I had to be honest with her and tell her that she looked simply ridiculous with the mask on, but that the dress part was super cool.  She set the mask to the side and proceeded to pretend to be fighting bad guys and to fly around the room.  Just the fact that she likes it and it encourages imaginative play for her was worth it to me!

April and her Smooshed Face - LOL