Thursday, June 25, 2009

God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible, ICB


God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible written by Sheila Walsh and published by Thomas Nelson Publishers is a great devotional Bible geared specifically towards girls and their mothers. The scripture selections are from the International Children’s Bible and are very easy for young readers (and adults!) to understand.

I really love how this Bible has numerous features that help children to apply scripture and God’s teachings to everyday events in their lives. This Bible teaches girls that they are God’s princesses and then continues to teach morals/values to the girls that help them to be the best princess they can be. One highlight of this Bible are the sections that have the mother and daughter act out scenes from the Bible and then has questions that review what happened in the scene. What a great way to make sure the child is comprehending what she’s reading and to really make sure that God’s message gets across to her.

There are many features within this Bible that are great for young girls in today’s society. This Bible has sections called “Beauty Secrets” and “Princess Charming” that teach girls, through examples, about inner beauty as well as teaching them about manners and respect for others.

This Bible is very durable and uses a large font which makes it easily readable. I highly recommend this book to any mother of girls from ages 3+.

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