Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What's He REALLY Thinking?

by Paula Rinehart

I decided to review this book because what woman wouldn’t want to know what the man in their life is REALLY thinking? This book was broken into two sections each with 3-5 subcategories. The two sections were titled “Understanding the Man You Love” and “Loving the Man you Understand”. Topics that were touched upon were:

Why Men Hurt

How Men Change




All of these topics would be of great interest to a woman. I, however, found that the chapters lacked the ability to draw me in as a reader. I found the examples used were a bit stretched for and didn’t always fit the situation. I would’ve liked to have heard more stories about real people as those were the parts I found most interesting. Overall, I didn’t find that this book taught me a whole lot more than what I already knew, and I found myself simply reading it to review it instead of enjoying and taking from it important information.

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