Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Amish Love (Three Amish Novellas)


by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, and Kelly Long



HEALING HEARTS by Beth Wiseman

He left to find himself. She found her way without him. Now Levina and Naaman Lapp are together again, feeling miles apart. Although coming home was the right thing to do, Naaman must regain the trust and respect of his wife who, in his absence, has learned to trust God like never before. Could it be that their prior years together have simply been a preface to a greater love than they have ever known?


Abigail Kauffman is looking for a way out; Joseph Lambert is seeking a way in. Since her mother's death, Abby has lived alone with her father and longs to escape the emptiness of the farmhouse that has never felt like home. Joseph Lambert is a newcomer in their close-knit community. Only after they find themselves suddenly married to each other do they begin to understand the tender truths of life-long love.

WHAT THE HEART SEES by Kathleen Fuller

When Ellie Chupp loses her sight in an accident -- and then her boyfriend shortly after that -- she believes love will never be in her future. But Christopher Miller has returned home, five years after fleeing from the tragedy that broke his heart. When Ellie and Chris meet again, sparks fly. Could true love be a matter of seeing with new eyes?


This book came to me in the mail MONTHS ago and I have just now had the opportunity to read it. I'm glad that it didn't get lost among all the other review books I have because it really is a treasure of a book! The three novellas in this book are each their own story, but the characters from each story intertwine among all the stories. It gives the reader the feeling of congruency.

Each of these stories is beautifully written. Having grown up just a short distance away from several different Amish communities, I was familiar with the look of the characters and that really helped make the characters real to me.

My favorite thing about this book, however, is how it kind of caught me off guard. I was really hit hard by the unconditional love that these characters felt towards one another. There were many times I was teary eyed simply because of a heartfelt gesture or phrase that one of the characters would use. It made me take a look at the way I treat those around me (especially my hubby)and to cherish those things. I think it also makes me long for the type of relationship and romance that you see throughout this book. It's like once you're married, the romantic part drifts away. I miss the small things my husband would do for me to show me he cared. Now we are all so busy with the kids and such that life just gets in the way.

I really like that this book is broken down into three separate stories. By doing this, each of the stories has its own significant impact, but at the same time the reader meets new characters and sees how their lives fit into the lives of the characters they met in the previous story.

As an added bonus feature of the book, the authors have included several Amish recipes for treats found throughout the stories as well as a Reading Group Guide to help with discussions about the book once finished. The authors even state that the "guide contains spoilers, so don' tread before completing the novellas". This group guide allows the readers to delve deeper into their relationship with Christ. What a wonderful addition to be used at the readers' discretion.

Word of advice: If you are going to read this book, don't do it near your time of the month otherwise you will need to buy several boxes of tissues! Otherwise, I highly recommend this book! :D

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