Saturday, January 23, 2010

Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World

by Dr. David Jeremiah

First I’d like to thank Thomas Nelson Publishers for providing this book for me to review. I would never have read or even heard about this book otherwise.

When dealing with all of the stressors in today’s society it’s easy to stray in your walk with God. This book gives great ways to remain confident and ties them into scripture in a meaningful way. The chapters include:

Stay Calm

Stay Compassionate

Stay Constructive

Stay Challenged

Stay Connected

Stay Centered

Stay Confident

Stay Consistent

Stay Committed

Stay Convinced

In each chapter the author talks about an area where many people find chaos and then proceeds to tell the reader how to go about surmounting each stress related area. There is humour sprinkled throughout some chapters and the stories/examples the author uses are engaging. I found this to be an easy read and very applicable to today’s high stress environment.

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